Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

This past week was awesome and went by so fast. I don't even know where to start. So we had a lot of new investigators that we had come to church. N. and her kids came and she is on date for next week to be baptized! It was awesome because yesterday we took her to see a baptism and she loved it and can't wait to get baptized.

So since last week was Thanksgiving I will write most of what happened on that day. The thing about thanksgiving on a mission is we don't proselyte, (knock on doors), which was a nice break. So the night before we went to IHOP and ate a lot so I was still pretty full from that meal. Then in the morning my companions and I chose not to eat because we had four meals set up for Thanksgiving Dinner. FOUR!!! In the morning we played football which was so awesome. I love the traditional Turkey Bowl [back home]. [Playing football] definitely made me remember being at home and every Thanksgiving we would go play a game of football at the church. After that we went to our first meal. 

The first family was the S___, the wife is Korean, and most of the time we can't understand her but she sure did make some great food. We had Korean style ribs and these peppers filled with cheese and bacon...oh man!! Then we went to Brother E___'s house and ate with their family. We were beginning our journey towards being in a FOOD COMA! The whole family was there and they had turkey and ham that was really good. That family made me feel right at home because they had all of their family together and were laughing and joking and you could feel how close they are as a family. It made me realize how much I love being with family on Thanksgiving. Well after that we had to run to the third meal at the M___. By this time we were so full and didn't think we could make it... luckily the family told us right as we showed up that we didn't have to eat, because they understand that we probably had eaten a lot already. So we just had a slice of pie and visited. It was great to have that time to recoup and get mentally ready for the next meal! 

Well our last and final meal was at a Filipino lady's house in our ward, sister W___. So back story on her: She is all of the missionaries' favorite person because she always looks out for us and makes sure we have food. I am 100% sure that God is pouring out blessings in her life. She often calls us and says, "Hey I have food for you." It is the best! Well at her house she had turkey, and ham, and fried bananas... which in my opinion are not the greatest but I guess people in the Philippines like them haha. After all of the meals we went home at around 8:00 and just went to bed because we were SO FULL! And that was probably the major part of the week. I will post some pictures of the week and Thanksgiving so you guys can see the fun.

With love,
Elder Bullough

This is the field where we played football

This picture is of our zone and all of us that played football on Thanksgiving morning.

Round 1

Round 2 on Thanksgiving Day
This is Mount Rainer, which you normally can't see it because it is too dark or foggy.

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