Monday, November 23, 2015

Walk by Faith 11/23/2015

So this week was great and we had a lot of fun and success. We got N. out to church and she loved it. We hope that she will be baptized next week so keep her in your prayers. I also met this kid C. and we have been teaching him for two weeks and he is already through half of the Book of Mormon!?! I couldn't believe it when he told me. Haha! But the cool thing about him is he has a ton of pets. I will show you guys the pictures of me and his snakes. But I hope that his Mom will let him come to church because we have to get her permission since he is only 15.

The best part of my mission has been meeting the people and helping them come closer to Christ. It is not easy but I know that it will help these people and bless their lives. Everyone we teach is faced with problems. Many of them live in small one room apartments and struggle to pay the bills. They don't have stable jobs and they constantly get robbed or their houses get broken into. The only way we missionaries can help them is by teaching them to walk by faith and to come to church and that by doing this they will receive blessings. Taking that step of faith is like walking in the dark. They have to rely on God. 

N. last week came to church but it was very hard for her to come to church. Because she just barely bought a car and had enough credit. Well, in order for her to make that payment she needed to work the rest of the week including Sunday. Sunday morning we received a text that said, "I told my work I can't go in and I am taking the car back tomorrow. I am coming to church." This truly took faith and I know that she will be blessed because of it. It sounds crazy but walking by faith and relying on God truly works. J. was baptized about a month ago and she didn't have a job and struggled finding one. But she proceeded with faith and one week after her baptism, she found a job. I have often had to walk by faith and rely on God on my mission but I know that it works because God does love us and he wants to bless us.

I don't know if I have told you all yet, but the climate is weird here. There is a lot of rain and it gets very cold in the winter because of the humidity. Also, the sun comes out every few days and it is glorious when it does. We can normally never see past like 100 feet because we are surrounded by fog and tall, tall trees. But when it clears up we can see Mount Rainier and it is beautiful. I still am trying to get a good picture of that.

Have a good week, love you all.
Elder Bullough

C. & Elder Bullough holding C.'s pet snake

Elder Bullough, Elder Lundgreen, Elder Ellis, & Elder Bosshardt

"Me & this super sweet skeleton that was in
our ward mission leader's house"

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