Monday, December 7, 2015

Baptism this week! 12/7/2015

Hey so this week was awesome and we had a baptism!! So N. was supposed to be baptized today but she is trying to overcome her smoking habit because there is a standard to be baptized. So unfortunately she wasn't able to be baptized because she smoked last week, but good news is she is set for this upcoming week! And let me talk about N. for a minute... She is one of my absolute favorite investigators so far. She first was taught by the missionaries in Alaska and she told them that she would be baptized. Well now she is committed and looks forward to this week. She is so strong. She has two kids that are 12 and 11 with her and her other daughter is in her 20's and is moved out. N. has definitely been hit from all directions and she knows that Satan is testing her faith and does not want her to be baptized. She is from Guam and is one of the most humble people I know. She has had a lot of trials in this last month such as she lost her job and her car was taken away. Her mom and sister disowned her because of her decision to get baptized into the Church. And she just lost her husband because he chose to live a different life. But the most amazing thing is that she still keeps her faith strong. She is determined to get baptized and knows that God will help her. The part that amazes me the most is that she has nothing to give, yet she insists that we come over for Christmas so she can feed us!! Definitely keep her in your prayers!

And our baptism this week taught me a lot. I learned that God loves all of his children and wants them to have the blessings of the gospel. M. is a girl we have been teaching for a couple of weeks now. She is 23 and lives with her sister. The thing about M. is she is a little slower and has a slight handicap. She had a stroke when she was younger that has affected her throughout her whole life. The first time we met her we didn't know if she understood the message but the more we met with her, the more we learned about her. She is very smart and knows that God has a plan for each of us. So last night we baptized her and it was a great experience. Baptism was very hard for her physically and mentally, she had to overcome the fear of being underwater and truly had to trust the missionaries baptizing her. And after some time she made that leap of faith and went under. The best part was the message we received at night. She said that she was grateful that we came into her life and that this brought so much joy that she was looking for. She bore her testimony and told us that she knows God is listening because of the feelings she gets. That was such a strength to my testimony to hear that. I will post the picture of her at the bottom.

Love and hope you all have a great week and enjoy this holiday season.
Elder Bullough

This is all of us at M.'s baptism:

This is Elder Ellis and I and we just got this tree from our bishop. It was awesome! Because we have no ornaments we just put a bunch of books and pictures of Christ in it haha... We also have our medicine bottles and other random things!!

Elder Ellis

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