Monday, November 16, 2015

My Companions 11/16/2015

So this week was awesome and it is crazy that I have been out for a month. On a mission they say that the days are like weeks and the weeks are like days. This is so true!!! 

So first off I have three companions and I don't know if I have talked about them yet. First, Elder Lundgreen, he has been out a year and is my trainer and also a zone leader. He is from Sandy, UT and graduated from Brighton high school. Funny thing about him, he got his bike stolen 2 weeks ago and the other day he said, "Hey that's my bike!" And so he talked to the guy that had it and bought it back for 50 dollars hahah! 

Second there is Elder Bosshardt and he is from Redman, UT. He has been out 3 months and is still learning the ropes with me. He is way good at basketball and his family owns a salt company so we are never in need of salt haha! 

Third Elder Ellis, he has been out a little longer than a year and is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a super funny guy and is super strong! He is the one that keeps us laughing all of the time and is really outgoing and talks to people easily. He is also one of our zone leaders. Well I don't have that much time this week but all is going well and the work is going great. I will also try to get a picture next week of all of my companions and me together.

Also, during basketball I hurt my finger and my companions and I thought it was broken, but luckily it’s not. I will show you all the picture. It was pretty bruised up.

Love you all,

Elder Bullough

Elder Bullough's foursome companionship in Lakewood:
Elder Ellis is on the left, Elder Bullough is in the middle, 
Elder Lundgreen is on the front right, & Elder Bosshardt is behind him
(Thanks for the photo, Elder Lundgreen!)

My basketball injury:

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