Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1st Week & 1st Baptism 11/2/2015

So I arrived in Tacoma on Tuesday. It is so pretty here and very green. But It rains so much!!!! I am constantly drenched... And I have not seen the sun in what feels like a week! So my first area is in Lakewood!!! We only have Elders in this area because it is so dangerous. But I want to tell you that as I am walking in the dark at night knocking on doors I have never felt scared once. We truly are kept safe as missionaries. Plus Lakewood is known as the miracle land in the mission. We have the highest baptism rate in the whole mission because the people are so humble. 

I just had my first baptism on Saturday. It was a miracle, we had planned on it but J. never called us until an hour before, so we had to rush and set everything up. But everything went well and he was baptized! We have another lady, N., that is by far the most ready for baptism but has a hard time talking to her mom about it because she knows her mom will disown her. But I have confidence that she will continue to progress and be baptized! It will bless her life so much, I know it. In my mission we knock on doors... a lot. It was hard to accept at first because most people hate you. It sucks to get yelled at. But the people that let you in and listen make it so much better. 

I have been praying very much lately and they are answered every time! Whether I need food, or just comfort I know my Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers. He also keeps me safe as I am in this city. 

I love you all!

Elder Bullough


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