Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Last One! 10/16/2017

This week has been a miracle and a half! Many of you may know that I have been looking for the last baptism of my mission this transfer. I told Elder Lund my goal and we set out trying to find the one! We prayed and we worked harder than ever! I mean every single prayer I was asking Heavenly Father to help me see one last baptism on my mission. In all honesty, this transfer went by so quick and has probably been my favorite transfer because of this newfound energy to find the one. Well at the beginning of the transfer we got a referral for a girl named H who was attending PLU a college here in the state. She had learned from missionaries in Montana and was coming out to the institute class and reading the Book of Mormon. But the closer that it got to me leaving it seemed like her baptism was going to happen closer to December because of her family not being supportive and school being out at that time. In result of us finding every single second of every day, Elder Lund and I saw so many miracles and doubled our teaching pool. But we still hadn't found the one, so we thought. 

At last desperation about a week and a half ago, we had a lesson with H and did our best to overcome all of her concerns. We invited her to pray about the 15th of October and just to see if Heavenly Father thought she would be ready by then. A few days later we got a text at night that said something to the effect of, "I was going to tell you Saturday, but I've decided to go ahead with the 15th for my baptism." Woooo! We were shocked! During our next lesson H told us her experience that she had prayed and in those few minutes of praying about if she should get baptized on the 15th she felt peace; all of her concerns and fears were washed away as she was given her confirmation that this was the right day and the right thing for her to do. We owe it all to God! He really does answer prayers and He really does help His children make decisions that may seem impossible. Yesterday we had the baptism for H and it was a wonderful experience.
Elder Lund, M, C, H, & Elder Bullough
The other miracle was that we didn't have just one baptism but we also had another baptism for a man named C. He was being taught by the Sisters and they had helped him come to church and prepare to be baptized and felt that he should be referred to YSA so he could be around more people his age. So we helped him throughout the week to prepare for the baptism and he was also baptized with H! This just shows that Heavenly Father goes above and beyond to bless us when we are diligently doing everything in our power to serve Him! 
Elder Bullough, M, C, & Elder Lund
And last tender mercy! Just to show how real God is: On Tuesday Elder Lund and I had planned to do a whole day of knocking! We started in Parkland left our car at home and went from city to city just walking around knocking doors and talking to everyone. Well during that time I had prayed to somehow run into J, one of my recent converts. We went by his house and he had moved out... Well at 4:55pm we were crossing the road at a stop light when all of a sudden I hear from the nearby parking lot: "Bullough!" And sure enough it was J! By "coincidence"-- not -- J just happened to be in the middle of Tacoma exactly where I was at that exact moment. And right before I was leaving this next week. Later we found out that he lives in Yelm, so it was completely "lucky" that he would be in that part of Tacoma that day! 
J and Elder Bullough
It has been great serving my mission here and I have been remarkably blessed! It will be sad saying goodbye to Elder Lund since we have been together for so long. But I am excited for the next chapter of my life! Love you all and see you soon! 

Oh and I forgot that I was surprised on my birthday this week by Elder Lund and the Callahans from Gig Harbor ward with IHOP! Such a blast! I seriously love them-- such a nice surprise! 
Elder Lund, Me, and the Callahans!

Elder Bullough's last Sunday evening dinner at Sister White's home:

Sister White & Elder Bullough

Sister White fed all of these missionaries Sunday evening!

This mission is the "GOAT"! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Excerpts from Letter to Parents 10/9/2017

Here are a couple pictures from when Elder Lund and I went up to Gig Harbor to visit C and M. She made like the best Persian dinner I have ever had, well the only Persian dinner I have ever had. 
C & M are the last two ladies on the right
I am excited to work work work this next week and pray that we can have a baptism on my last Sunday in the mission!

Monday, October 2, 2017

WOOO! 10/2/2017

This week was long but also very good. On Wednesday and Thursday we went on a temple trip with the mission. It was a blast and I had a very great experience. I love that the temple is a place that I can go to find peace and comfort from the world. I may not understand everything about it yet, but I love the feeling that I get when I go there. The invitation to go to the House of the Lord often is something that really stuck out to me this week how important it is for us, even if it is just walking around the temple grounds we can feel a difference when we are there. 

We also had a chance to watch conference this weekend. It was awesome to hear from the Apostles! It was awesome to hear that some of our investigators watched the sessions of General Conference as well and had some of their questions answered.

It is a sad thought to think that, that was the last General Conference that I have had on my mission. But I have enjoyed my mission very much and have seen a lot of miracles that have all come from the hand of the Lord. And looking back many of these conversions that I have witnessed including my own, all resulted from reading in the Book of Mormon and getting down on sincere knees and asking God if the Book is true! 

That is probably why the talk that I liked the most was Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk about the Book of Mormon. He asked some questions that helped me think about how the Book of Mormon really does bring POWER into our lives. The quote that stuck out to me most from his talk is: "the Book of Mormon is the book that will prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ." I add my testimony that it is true! I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 

-Elder Bullough

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Baptism...at the Temple! 9/25/2017

As a preface to Elder Bullough's letter to family and friends this week, we wanted to share what he wrote in a letter to his parents on July 31, 2017: 
"One thing that has been on my mind, I have really been blessed on my mission and have had so many blessings that I attribute to God 100% and so that is why I bring this up: I have not yet had the opportunity to take a recent convert to the temple yet to do baptisms. And I would like to go before my mission ends so could you add that to your prayers? Thanks! And I will definitely be working to get someone to be prepared by then!"

Letter dated Sept. 25th, 2017:
It was another great week and started out on the right note! This past Tuesday Elder Lund and I, with a senior couple in the ward, went to the temple with C our recent convert to do proxy baptisms! It was awesome! The Spirit was very strong and C had taken the name to the temple of his brother who passed away when C was five. I love the temple and how it helps us link our families together in this life and in the next. Elder Bednar gave an amazing talk on this to the young adults of the church and talked about being a "welding link" in our family chain. That day C became the welding link in his family chain by following the counsel of one of our church leaders and apostles. [See blogpost dated 6/12/2017 for more info about C.]

Elder Lund, C, & Elder Bullough
Another reason the week was so great is because Elder Lund had such a fun time just knocking doors all week and trying just about every way possible to find at least one more person that is ready to be baptized before I leave. It has been so much fun because over the past few days we have seen a lot of miracles! I am just hoping to keep this faith to find till I walk on that plane!! 

Alma 13:24   "For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory."

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

No Soldier Left Behind! 9/18/2017

Baptisms from Sunday, September 17th:

C, Elder Lund, J, & Elder Bullough 

I hope that these pictures above could set the tone. This week was honestly one of the longest weeks of my mission, starting on Monday and Tuesday both of which went late into the afternoon. [Elder De Hoyos from the Quorum of the Seventy was touring the mission.] Then on Thursday having a new missionary training for 31 new missionaries and roughly 30+ trainers. It was to say the least very hectic and a bit stressful. Although each day was all made worth it after we would come home from our meetings with C and J the two men in the pictures above. We spent almost every night last week at both of their houses getting them ready for baptism, it was a blast! I will always remember the feeling on our drive back being grateful for the Spirit that both Elder Lund and I were able to feel at each of the lessons that we taught them. They were so ready and had made the decision clearly in their heads and to God. They prayed about it, even fasted about it and decided that September 17th was the day to get baptized! 

I want to briefly state their stories, I can't obviously include every detail but I will do my best to include the most important parts of their conversions. 

J found us through the Lakewood elders. They got a referral for him and went by and taught him. After their lesson they referred J to us. We went by that very next day and were able to talk to him and understand some of his story and why he was interested in meeting with us. He moved here from the Little Rock, Arkansas mission, and was taught by the missionaries down there and attended church quite a few times. The way he found the missionaries was quite funny actually. J said that one night he was wondering and prayed to God and asked him for a sign that even a dummy would understand. And the very next day there was a card from our church in his door. Well then, not sure that he could take that as his answer he asked the question again a little while later and then without fail, another card appeared on the door from our church. Boom! So he started meeting with the missionaries and learning and eventually he moved out here. At first he had a hard time with baptism and didn't feel like he was ready but we had one meeting with him where the Spirit was really strong and he committed that on Sunday he would have a date for us that he would be baptized. And sure enough on Sunday, he got his answer. He said that he finally understood why it was so important to come to church, get baptized and continue taking the sacrament, he related it to being recharged every week.--Perfect analogy in my opinion! So he asked us when the next baptism was and we told him that there was another person getting baptized on the 17th, and without hesitation J told us he would do it! 

C has quite a story as well. He grew up with a rough background and had gotten into drinking at a young age, so much that he had become an alcoholic by the age of 23. He mentioned that he couldn't get away from it, nor did he want to. Then one day in his drive back home he was drunk and turned into the wrong way of traffic and had to immediately over-correct and rolled his car, luckily just injuring the car and himself. But more pain than his physical pain at that time was the news that he would no longer be able to serve in the military and was being released due to his DUI. This devastated him and sent him into a depression that resulted in more and more drinking. And at the final moments of his life, he decided that he was going to ask God one last time if He was there. And sure enough no later than 30 minutes after his prayer, here comes the knock at the door of two Mormon missionaries. C said that he knew without a doubt that, that knock was not just a coincidence but was a direct answer to him from God. So he let them in and loved what they shared. As time went on he kept praying and reading, and kept asking God for more guidance. At the beginning of meeting with us, C had already gotten his answer about the Book of Mormon and noticed a huge change in his life for the better. He now had friends in the church, he had a job that one of the members helped him get, and he was overall a more happy person, he was no longer "subject to those chains that held him bound!" After C's baptism he gave an amazing testimony at our "Why I Believe Fireside" that night! 

Well over a few week process both J and C were able to be baptized on the 17th and came up out of those waters new men! 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Excerpts from Letter to Parents 9/13/2017

Elder De Hoyos from the Quorum of the Seventy was visiting the Wa-Tac mission this past Monday and Tuesday, so Elder Bullough did not get a P-day until Wednesday (9/13). He decided to not write a group email letter since Monday isn't that far away. The following are excerpts from his email letter to his parents:

Monday and Tuesday we had our mission tour with Elder De Hoyos and his wife. We learned a ton. The overall theme of what he taught was being better at member missionary work. It was a lot of information but the most powerful part was when Sister De Hoyos shared her conversion story of when she joined the church. It was incredibly powerful. And my favorite part about Elder De Hoyos is how laid back and positive he is. It seemed like that man has no fears in the world!

Elder Bullough, Elder De Hoyos (Quorum of the Seventy), & Sister De Hoyos

B kind of fell off the teaching pool... so we did not end up baptizing her. Although we had B fall off, we had some serious miracles happen and we have 3 solid people that we are teaching now! Two of them are on date for Saturday! 

C is doing great! He came to church last week, is planning on coming this week, and should be getting baptized this week so keep him in your prayers. He is way awesome and is totally converted! He is way fun to be around and super relaxed, our lessons with him are super fun. Like the last lesson we had with him, we just had him teach us the whole thing like we were investigators haha. It was a cool way to teach and it definitely worked well in that situation. 

Here are all of the pictures of me with the last group of departing missionaries. They have served pretty much their whole mission with me because we came out only a transfer apart (six weeks).
Elder Bird & Elder Bullough

Elder Strong & Elder Bullough—they spent a transfer together in Parkland

Elder Bullough, Elder Droubay, & Elder Bosshardt

Elder Bullough spent his first transfer in a 4-some companionship with Elder Bosshardt in Lakewood

Elder Bullough & Elder Tafua—they spent a couple transfers living together in the same house, but with different companions

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Great Things to Come! 9/4/2017

Well as many of you know, it will be my last transfer on my mission come tomorrow. Which means that I only have 6 weeks left..😱 I will be ending my mission with Elder Lund here in the College Heights and Skyline wards. I am so excited for the things to come! I am sure that these last 6 weeks will be some of the best weeks on my mission! I am praying and looking forward to the miracles that will happen before I leave this blessed place! 

This last week was super quick and super busy as usual. A couple cool things happened though. On Thursday we went to the temple which was fun and topped it off with a trip to Cafe Rio. Then on Friday we got a call from one of our former investigators, B. She said that she had been living the commandments we had taught her and had set some things right in her life and wanted to get baptized on Sunday. So we agreed to teach her the rest of the lessons and have her baptism on Sunday. Well it was definitely a race but we taught her lessons and set up the baptismal program and then on Sunday we went by to pick her up for church with T from the ward. And... nothing. She wasn't home!? Well long story short she had some cold feet about it and didn't come out to church or get baptized so hopefully we can help her with that in the coming weeks. But good news is that we have a lot of people that we are teaching that have the potential to be baptized in the upcoming weeks! 

Highlight of the week-
By far the highlight of my week was going up to the missionary fireside in Gig Harbor and hearing two of mine and Elder Lund's recent converts speak and share their testimony. "A" shared her story first about how she became a member of the church. It was awesome and brought back some great memories. And then C also spoke. C spoke about how she first met us, when we offered to help her move in. She mentioned how she listened to the message after we helped her, and then came to church, and the process that it was for her to get baptized. One thing that she mentioned stuck out to me, C mentioned how she was wondering why she should join the church if she was already comfortable and happy in her life. She mentioned that her answer came when we told her that the happiness and peace she feels now in her life will only be multiplied after she got baptized. And it did! I know that is true and I have seen it in myself, in her, and in the many other people that have joined the church as I have been on my mission. We may feel peace and joy and happiness in our lives but it is nothing compared to what we will feel as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and follow his example and are baptized by his Priesthood. The fireside was definitely the highlight of my week and possibly the highlight of my mission! It is inspiring to see the change that has happened in these converts' lives as they are learning and choosing to live the Gospel. 

It was also a blast to see all of the people in the Gig Harbor stake that I had met while I was there, especially the stake president. Here is a good picture of Elder Lund and me with him:

Elder Lund, President Kasteler, & Elder Bullough

Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Week in Paradise! 8/28/2017

This week was great! We had a baptism!! T and J have been meeting with the missionaries for about 6 years now and have gone through several sets of sister missionaries. So as you could imagine she knew just about everything by the time we met with her. A few weeks back T was talking with a good friend of hers that she has known through work, who happens to be a member. The member and her had a good talk and helped T over her concerns for baptism. That was it, she was ready. T started meeting with us and we set her baptism date for this past Saturday. I guess I learned how influential members of the church can be especially because of the trust that our friends, family, and co-workers can have in us. T's son J also has a neat story. He is 13 and super good at basketball. He has been going to the church just as long as T and originally wanted to get baptized a couple years ago after going to the young men's camp-outs, but after patiently waiting he was baptized with his mom. It was a great baptism and most of the ward came to support which was really special! 

This next week is going to be fun because we are going to the temple with the departing missionaries, and we will be calling people for transfers on Saturday. Can't believe it is already that time!? 

Well love you all and have a great week!

Sister Missionaries and S on the left, Elder Lund, Bishop, T, J and Elder Bullough
Our Study Room:
Elder Bullough
Elder Lund

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Last Piece! 8/21/2017

This last week was awesome! We started off the week with zone conferences. We went to North conference up in Silverdale on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we down to Olympia, and Thursday we finished the zone conferences in Tacoma. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of training! 

We also got a lot of great referrals this week! We helped a lady named T and her son J move into our ward on Saturday. They have been investigating the church for 5 years now and have made the decision to get baptized into our ward this Saturday!! After we finished the move, we went to the ward social and ate hot dogs and burgers while they got to meet the members of the ward! 

We have also been teaching a man named C, who is originally from Stockton, California. He joined the army ever since he graduated and has seen a lot of rough things in his life. C has mentioned over and over that ever sense he has been meeting with us and reading the Book of Mormon he has felt so much happiness! And my favorite quote that he has said was the other night when we were teaching him the Plan of Salvation, he said this: "I want you both to know, you said that you guys aren't soldiers, well that's not true. You are soldiers. You're soldiers for God. And rather than taking lives, you save them. You are soldiers and never forget it!" C is way sick! Super elect! 

And last but definitely not least, P got baptized! Here's the story:

In Lakewood two years ago, Elders Lundgreen, Bosshardt, Ellis, Lee and I all worked with N and her kids and got them baptized into the church. Well at the time P, the father of her kids, was in jail and caught up in the drug life. Well a couple months before he went into jail we had taught him but he wasn't very committed. P continued to live the way he wanted with the stealing, and drugs and then one day he got caught and went to jail. It was there that he really had a wake up call and promised God that he would be clean from that point forth. Well a year and three months later P is still clean and was able to get baptized yesterday! The baptism was a long time coming and took P over a year to get baptized. He went through dozens of missionaries and yesterday at the baptism there was literally an army of missionaries at the baptism. But that's how God works, He doesn't give up. He requires us to be patient and promises us the blessings, but He does require us to have a humble spirit and a contrite heart. From hearing P's testimony, I could tell the change of heart that P had and that he sincerely was born of God when he came out of the water! He was the last Piece of that family. I have looked back since N's baptism and have seen the whole immediate family get baptized, and even some of the extended family! We counted and I think 9 baptisms have come from N getting baptized almost 2 years ago!! Now that is the start of a ripple effect!  It has been a blessing to work with them on my mission-- definitely a tender mercy! 

Here are the pics:

Elder Smith, P, & Elder Bullough

Just saw the solar eclipse thanks to the library for providing the sunglasses! Super good view!

Photo credit Elder Lund!

Monday, August 14, 2017

9-to-9!! 8/14/2017

This week we did a mission-wide 9-9!!! Every companionship in the mission was out knocking doors from 9am to 9pm!! It was a blast and with approval many of us changed companions for the area. I knocked with Elder Daley, a new missionary. We had a ton of fun just walking the entire day and looking for miracles/water haha! In the morning we found a ton of people that said we could come back so that was a tender mercy, and we even found 1 family while we were knocking that moved form Chicago because they want a change in their lives. Bingo!! It's the gospel! So we are just trying to teach them and help them see that this is the change that will benefit their family the most! 

Yesterday we had a "Why I Believe Fireside" in the North Stake. We had some really great new members speak. One of the speakers was a little bit nervous but her testimony was so powerful as she spoke about the trials she had been going through for the past couple years. She mentioned that the reason she joined the church is because she wanted to be a part of a better family, with better values, and that is exactly what she saw in the Mormon church! Another guy spoke on how he joined the church cause he yelled out one night, "God give me a sign that you're still there!" He then continued and said that not even a minute later two young men on bikes road up next to him and stopped to talk to him! -Good timing! haha. Anyway a very inspirational night and Elder Sutton also played his last piano piece that he will ever play at a "Why I Believe Fireside" because he went home today.😢 

Elders Hoffer, Lund, Sutton, Bullough and President Leishman

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baptism! 8/7/2017-- 100th Blog Post! 😊

It was a great week and felt like a long week but it flew by! 

We had new missionary meeting on Tuesday, Elder Lee left on Wednesday😢, and MLC on Friday. (Mission leadership council) Anyways it was a full week and to top it all off we had a baptism on Saturday for L!! 

Her story is pretty neat. About 6 months ago she was being taught by other missionaries in the area and loved the stuff she was learning but never got baptized because she couldn't give up her smoking habit. Then as time went on the missionaries left and others came in and it was still the same story so slowly the missionaries had to stop going by. Then one day Elder Sutton and I were knocking her apartment complex and knocked into L and she told us her story and why she hasn't been baptized yet. Knowing some of her story already from the previous missionaries Elder Sutton asked, "How much do you want to give up smoking?" She said her desire was at about an 8 out of 10. So he kindly replied okay well keep reading the Book of Mormon and let us know when it gets to a 10. I was surprised at first on how he had handled the situation but looking back I totally agree with it, because about a month later we got a referral from the church saying that a lady named L referred herself and would like to meet with the missionaries. So I called her on the phone and we asked what inspired her to meet with us. She explained that she fell and hurt her back and all she could do was stay on her couch and wait to get healed and during the process she opened the book of Mormon and started reading 2 Nephi chapter 29 (which talks about how God has many different nations around the world and that he commanded them to also write down scripture) she told us that she fully believes that and is ready to get baptized. So we asked how ready she was to give up her smoking habit, and she said 10!! I'm sure it wasn't easy for her but the good thing is that she was determined and with the help of us going over almost every day for two weeks to read with her she did it, and was baptized this past Saturday! Overall I learned that people's desires and nature can change! And usually that change is sparked by the constant study through the Book of Mormon, because of the Spirit that it brings into our lives.

Here are some pictures at L's baptism:

Elder Sutton, L, Elder Lund, & Elder Bullough

Elder Bullough cleaning the baptismal font before the baptism
Here are some pictures that we took as a few of us missionaries, and Elder Lee at the airport just about to leave:

Elder Lee & President Leishman
Pictures from the Mission Leadership Council posted on wa-tacmission.blogspot.com: