Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Very Busy Week! 5/8/2017

It's me again! This week has been soooo busy.  Probably the busiest week of my mish.  Here is what we had:
  • Monday- I went to the "Mansion" (a way nice house the mission owns by the Puget Sound) a day early to learn some new responsibilities.  We get a new car (Toyota Rav4). It's awesome! That night we meet with president to figure out what we will train on for the meetings this week. Sister Blatter makes us some good soup.
  • Tuesday- Drive to seattle, pick up the new missionaries, feed them, take pics of them, interview them, and introduce them to their trainers. Then we had to take the departing missionaries knocking, bring them to the cheesecake factory for dinna (definitely a blessing), bring them to the Blatter's house for going away dessert and things, and then take the elders to our house to spend the night. 
  • Wednesday- Wake up and have the departing missionaries at the Blatter's house by 9 so that they can drive to the airport. Come home and study as fast as we can for the two trainings that we have Thursday and Friday. Go to district meetings and afterwards finally have some time to work for the rest of the day. The last 30 minutes of the night Elder Sutton worked on a piano medley for this week's fireside.
  • Thursday- We have the New District Leader training from 9-2. Afterwards we use the two hours before dinner to figure out our Mission Leadership Counsel training, and we work the rest of the night. That night, we get home and we use the rest of the time before bed to figure out more of our training.  
  • Friday- Wake up at 5:30 and finish the training. We go to MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) from 9-2. We come home, plan for next week, and have time to work the rest of the day and see people.  
  • Saturday- We finally have a free day, so we knock and see the people we need to. We found some way cool people. One might get baptized the 16th. Then there was a little drama with two missionaries going home this week, but it's all good now. We figured it out.
  • Sunday- We have church meetings from 7:15am-2:00.  We have a "break the fast" meal with the YSA ward--basically just a party where we get to eat and chill with college students and people that are our age in the army and talk about life and get them to tell us about their friends that we can teach lol. Then we go to Sister White's house in Lakewood for a second meal. We then immediately head to the fireside where we meet for practice. We herd up the missionaries and practice the songs for the missionary choir, and we prep for the fireside at 7:00. The fireside goes great!! Sutton played a dope song on the piano, the ladies love him.:)  We rush to the office at 8:30, collect numbers, make the WaTac facts for the week, talk to president about next week's goals, do a conference call with the mission, and get home at 11pm.  
  • Monday- Wake up at 5:30 and start again :)  
This week should be less busy. We have a training for all the new missionaries and their trainers tomorrow. Friday we will have exchanges. We will split knock a couple nights this week, and Sunday is Mother's Day!! I LOVE YOU MOM! I love being busy. It feels so productive. Life is great. I love the WaTac and all the missionaries. They are such good people, and it is amazing how much you grow to love them when you work so closely with them. Peace out!

Here are some pics that we took today and throughout the week. Hope you enjoy! 
Elder Bullough

Elder Bullough with his new companion (Elder Sutton)

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