Thursday, May 25, 2017

Numbered as the Sand of the Sea 5/22/2017

What a great week!! As you can see we had a baptism for T. A few years ago T got into a motorcycle accident. He was a very successful man and due to the accident he now has a lot of brain damage. His family moved in with him not too long ago to live and take care of him. They are members of the church and when a couple of missionaries knocked on their door a few months ago they were excited to have T take the lessons and be baptized. After a few weeks of him coming to church, talking with the bishop and us teaching all of the lessons he was baptized last week! 

This experience taught me that God loves all of his children! Of course I already knew that but it was a good reminder to see the influence that the Holy Ghost had on him to prompt him to take the lessons and to get baptized. It was not an easy step for T to get baptized but with the help of Heavenly Father he did it! 

Well have a wonderful sunny week and love you all!!
Elder Bullough

The Suters, T, Elder Sutton, & Elder Bullough

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