Monday, May 1, 2017

God's Not Dead! 5/1/2017

This week was Sweeeeet!!! So we had transfer calls and tomorrow I will be heading out of Lakewood and over to Tacoma to serve in the YSA ward and in Skyline! This week was definitely the cherry on top as we had 3 baptisms of the people that we were working with! 

S and J- They are a way cool family and actually have been a part of the church for awhile but their records were not in the church. So we had to re-teach and baptize them. They were so cool and it was fun to work with them and to see their testimony grow as they learned the lessons basically for the first time again. We could see the change almost immediately! They began to live the gospel more in their lives and change some of the things that they were doing that was contrary to the gospel. God also helped them gain a greater faith as we taught them the principles again. J, who was originally baptized years ago to please his wife, now was doing it for the right reasons which made all the difference. Anyway long story short they were baptized and confirmed yesterday! When I think of this family I think of a talk by Todd Parker: "True Doctrine Understood, Changes, Attitudes and Behavior." -- In essence the title summarizes the talk.

R was also baptized on Sunday. Such an elect person! We found her like 3 weeks ago and I invited her to be baptized and watch conference and left. Well, when we were on exchange Elder Anderson and another elder knocked back into her and she had watched conference and wanted to come to church the next week. We went over almost every day for these past two weeks and she was baptized yesterday as well! --Good thing God knows who is ready and who is not! 

This whole transfer we had been fasting for miracles and it was such a neat experience to see everyone who was baptized this transfer. God worked some great miracles in our area and we had 6 people get baptized this month, 3 of which came right at the last day of the monthironically, the last day of the fast! 

Love you all and have a great week! 
Elder Bullough

Elder Anderson, Elder Fuentes, S & J, Elder Schmidt, & Elder Bullough

R's baptism
Elders Bullough, Anderson, Schmidt, & Fuentes

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