Monday, March 6, 2017

God Is In The Details 3/6/2017

This past week we went over to have a lesson with S. I had mentioned before that she had accepted the baptism date of March 10th. Before our lesson with her this past Friday, she had texted us and mentioned that she felt overwhelmed with things that are happening in her life so we agreed to take off the date. Devastated by this news we pondered, what we were going to talk about Friday? If we would take someone with us from the ward? And if so, who? Well after a lot of thought we decided to look through our ward list and find a member to take with us to the lesson that would be able to friendship and answer questions on a personal level. It seemed like we couldn't find anyone and at last desperation we had the thought to call Sister Halmont. Why we had not thought of this person before--I don't know!? It sounded perfect so we called her and she agreed to come with us. And it was perfect. After just a few minutes of us talking together with S, each of us in the room realized that it was the "right match!"

If you can imagine two women in the same room that had never met each other before, but had everything in common from growing up in the same town together to graduating college in the same year at the same college but never knowing the other, that was them! It was incredible and each of us were amazed how inspired this meeting was. The best part was that each of them understood one another because they grew up in the same religion both having either parents or grandparents being well-known ministers in that church. Both Elder Sutton and I had no idea of either's childhood or which college they went to or even their religious background. This was a match made in Heaven. I am sure that it was refreshing for S to know that God was sending the right people her way and the answers that she is looking for at this point in her life.

Well I hope that you all have a great week!
With much love,
Elder Bullough

Here is a cool picture that was painted on a wall that I thought I would share with you all:

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