Monday, March 27, 2017

Excerpts from Letter to Parents 3/27/2017

This past week went very well and was a pretty smooth transition. As you know I took over Lakewood and got three new companions. I am very pleased with each of them because they work very hard and understand our purpose. Elder Anderson and I are the zone leaders and we are training Elder Schmidt... not related to the Schmidt's in our family as far as I know, and Elder Fuentes is also part of the companionship. They are all great guys and we are really enjoying it, and we get a lot of work done and spend a lot of our time knocking doors. Elder Anderson is a great help and is very proactive for such a young missionary as a zone leader. He and I are very similar and have a ton of fun! Like last night we were throwing a little football at a can a ton of times in our apartment and had a contest who could hit it the most. It was pretty close but I happened to be on fire and hit it like 8 or 9 times out of 10  haha! 

Other than that we were not able to baptize someone this week which was a bummer... but we are looking forward to the 8th for our solid investigator E to be baptized! He is like a golden referral that we got a couple weeks ago and he has been coming to church for a couple weeks lately. So good things are happening. I am seeing miracles everyday and since I have been here I have seen a lot of seeds planted, however it can get discouraging that we are not harvesting as much as we would like but I am sure that we will see success as we "continue with faith" like they say. Well, there is the update for the week.

 Elder Schmidt, the new missionary, meets his trainers: 

 Sunday Dinner at Sister White's home:

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