Wednesday, April 5, 2017

General Conference is Down and Sprinting to Easter! 4/3/2017

This past week was great! This weekend, as many of you know, was General Conference. I had a great time watching each session and learned so much. There were a lot of good one-liners that stuck out to me that I wrote down in my study journal. But the thing that stuck out to me most of all was the exactness of each of the speaker's talks. As a church we claim to have prophets and apostles that are able to speak for God. And after this week my testimony is once again affirmed that these people are called of God and that they spend countless hours praying and preparing a message that will best fit the world! There is no doubt in my mind that many of the talks correlated with the Plan of Salvation because these are the questions that the world is facing, "Where did we come from?," "Why are we here?," and "Where are we going?" It was so neat to see that each time I wrote down a question in my notebook it would almost be immediately answered by what the speaker would say! 

Yesterday was Elder Anderson's birthday and on top of all the cake and ice cream we had a pretty sweet miracle happen to us:

Each of us in the companionship had fasted all of yesterday for a miracle. It was pretty hard because we went to a mission lunch with our mission President and his wife and we didn't even cave! Anyway, when we were going to knock at 5pm, we all prayed and picked five spots each on a little piece of paper and then correlated each of the streets and went to the ones that matched. Elder Anderson and I had both picked the street Nyanza Road which was in a wealthier part of our area. Confused but determined, we went and started knocking until 7pm. Well, it just so happens that as we were knocking we seemed to get shut down by everyone except a few nice people that were in the neighborhood and we had gone through the whole neighborhood. Since it curved and turned so much we were unaware of where we were and at about 6:50 we were about done when we knocked on a door and a man answered with his small pit bull. We started talking with him and taught him the restoration and he accepted everything and told us he would read and pray about the book of Mormon! He also committed to be baptized on the 28th which was awesome so we are excited to go back to him and help him progress. As we were taking down his address he told us the name of the road and he said that he lived on "Nyanza Road." Immediately, I got a big smile on my face knowing that he was the one that we were there for! And then we turned around to leave and find where we had parked and we noticed that we had parked right in front of his house!?! 

Afternoon Session of General Conference at President Blatter's home:

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