Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baptism! 8/7/2017-- 100th Blog Post! ๐Ÿ˜Š

It was a great week and felt like a long week but it flew by! 

We had new missionary meeting on Tuesday, Elder Lee left on Wednesday๐Ÿ˜ข, and MLC on Friday. (Mission leadership council) Anyways it was a full week and to top it all off we had a baptism on Saturday for L!! 

Her story is pretty neat. About 6 months ago she was being taught by other missionaries in the area and loved the stuff she was learning but never got baptized because she couldn't give up her smoking habit. Then as time went on the missionaries left and others came in and it was still the same story so slowly the missionaries had to stop going by. Then one day Elder Sutton and I were knocking her apartment complex and knocked into L and she told us her story and why she hasn't been baptized yet. Knowing some of her story already from the previous missionaries Elder Sutton asked, "How much do you want to give up smoking?" She said her desire was at about an 8 out of 10. So he kindly replied okay well keep reading the Book of Mormon and let us know when it gets to a 10. I was surprised at first on how he had handled the situation but looking back I totally agree with it, because about a month later we got a referral from the church saying that a lady named L referred herself and would like to meet with the missionaries. So I called her on the phone and we asked what inspired her to meet with us. She explained that she fell and hurt her back and all she could do was stay on her couch and wait to get healed and during the process she opened the book of Mormon and started reading 2 Nephi chapter 29 (which talks about how God has many different nations around the world and that he commanded them to also write down scripture) she told us that she fully believes that and is ready to get baptized. So we asked how ready she was to give up her smoking habit, and she said 10!! I'm sure it wasn't easy for her but the good thing is that she was determined and with the help of us going over almost every day for two weeks to read with her she did it, and was baptized this past Saturday! Overall I learned that people's desires and nature can change! And usually that change is sparked by the constant study through the Book of Mormon, because of the Spirit that it brings into our lives.

Here are some pictures at L's baptism:

Elder Sutton, L, Elder Lund, & Elder Bullough

Elder Bullough cleaning the baptismal font before the baptism
Here are some pictures that we took as a few of us missionaries, and Elder Lee at the airport just about to leave:

Elder Lee & President Leishman
Pictures from the Mission Leadership Council posted on wa-tacmission.blogspot.com:

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