Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekly Update 9/7/2016

I have to apologize. Many of you have been wondering why my emails have come on Wednesday these past two weeks. Last week we had a member of the Seventy come to our mission last Monday and Tuesday, and this week it was Labor Day so all of the libraries were closed down. Anyway, I want to keep this letter pretty short. Things are going great and we had a baptism last Saturday for J. 

J has a pretty cool story. A few weeks ago, Elder Goldstrohm and I were knocking on doors when we received a referral to go see him. Having received a few referrals over the past week that didn't pan out so well, I decided to give him a call before we went over. I asked him why he wanted to meet with us and what he expected from meeting with the missionaries. J then replied that he felt it was finally the right time for him and that he had met with missionaries in the past because his fiancé is Mormon and she was hoping that he would join the church. We scheduled to go see him the very next day, and turns out before we saw him that day other missionaries ran into him and gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read the introduction. When we went over, it was apparent that it was the right timing and that he was now open to the message and really wanting to know if it was true. Elder Goldstrohm and I went on to meet with him for the next appointment with Brother Torrella from our ward. This is what I believe was the turning point that pushed J over the fence. At this meeting, Brother Torrella was able to share his story which was close to the path which J was on himself, and by the end they were like brothers and left with a big hug. The spiritual level in that room was immense and helped J through all of the opposition that he would face with his extended family and gave him the motivation to read and pray for himself. J went on to be married two weeks later, and then get baptized and now he and his family are working on getting to the temple.

Well love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Elder Bullough

J's Baptism:

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