Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Do You Remember? 09/26/2016

This week went pretty well. First off A, who was baptized last week, was able to be confirmed in church yesterday! President Blatter, the president over our mission, came to our ward to give a talk and it was neat because not too long ago he had the opportunity of meeting her dad R before he was baptized. He mentioned how it was neat looking back to see the effect of how the church grows and affects families. President Blatter related a story about how the church grew in a little town in Brazil that went from only having a total of four members to years later having hundreds of members who joined the church that were affected by that one family who was first baptized. 

Second thing that was really cool this week is that Elder Masey and I had the opportunity of teaching a whole Samoan family of 15 about prayer and how God communicates with us through the feelings of the Holy Ghost. It was so cool because we were able to invite everyone in the house to join in the lesson, and more importantly we kept their attention and we were able to teach them how to pray and about the Holy Ghost. Then we ended the lesson and all knelt down and P one of brothers said the prayer. The Spirit was very strong during the lesson when we all were able to testify of how we have felt the Holy Ghost in our own lives. 

Over the week I thought about the role of having a purpose. 
It is interesting to see the difference it can make in our lives to have a purpose. It seems to make life more enjoyable and fulfilling when we are working towards a purpose. The three main things that I could think of that lead to a purpose was God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and each one of us. God's purpose is to help us receive all that He has by sending us to this earth where we can learn and grow. Christ's purpose was to make God's plan possible by performing the atonement, which is when he died for us. Our purpose is to live according to God's plan and to live the gospel. Each one of these purposes tie together. In essence, Jesus Christ came here to bring us back to His Father, and our goal is to bring each other closer to Christ. 

Well the month of September is closing off so I thought I would add a picture of how beautiful it has been this month. Love you all and have a great week!

—Elder Bullough

Pictures of Elder Bullough from the Wa-Tac Mission blog:
(calledtoservewa-tac.blogspot.com 9/25/2016 post)

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