Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference 10/3/2016

Elder Bullough didn't have time to write a group email letter this week. Here are a few excerpts from his letter to his parents:

This week we got our transfer calls and I will be staying one more in this area. This has now become the longest I have ever stayed in an area. Knocking on doors is kind of different because by now I have knocked out like 80% of my area twice. Haha. Anyway keep me in your prayers that both Elder Masey and I will be led to people to teach and baptize.

I really enjoyed [General Conference] and on Sunday afternoon we went to the Blatters and watched it as a zone.  . . . My take aways [from General Conference]: The Doctrine of Christ is simple but yet easily forgotten. As Brother Ashton spoke of it, he stated that it is an ongoing process in our lives and that we must continually have faith and repeatedly repent so that we can change and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. D&C 93:12-13 

-Elder Bullough

Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conference at President & Sister Blatter's home:

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