Monday, August 1, 2016

Quick Update Plus Pics 7/25/2016

Hey so this week the computer had some difficulties so I will be brief. This week was great. We had three families come to church which was great! We taught a bunch of lessons during the week and found new people to teach. We also played basketball with some guys at a local park which was fun!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Elder Bullough

[Note:  Since Elder Bullough wasn't able to write very much in the group email letter, we wanted to share the following excerpts from his most recent letter to us (his parents) in which he answers some of our questions and provides a little more detail about his mission.]

"Yeah, so as an office elder we do get the perk of listening to the trainings some of the time. We have to haul around the stuff for the departing missionaries but the perk is that we get to have fun at the departing missionary party, and Sister Blatter always has cheesecake! We don't take the missionaries to the airport or pick up the arriving missionaries. That is the job of the assistants to the president, haha. That is one perk that we do not have. Anyway this next week I will be going down to Toledo, Washington and then traveling out to Elma all in one day to move some stuff. I am getting pretty good at hauling the trailer, haha!"

"Almost every house has a dog and last week Elder Goldstrohm almost got mauled by a pit bull, but he hit it with a basketball before it could bite him. I have had a few scary moments with dogs as well, but have come up lucky. It is usually when I go into the gate and they come around late and we are already at the gate so I have two options, run or bid them to come sniff my hand. Luckily, the latter has been working and they choose not to eat us. Haha!"

"Amazing Grace" is a WA-TAC tradition and is our mission theme song so we sing it as often as we gather. It is definitely one of my favorites and has much more meaning to me now. We do a great rendition of it!"

These pics were posted on the WA-TAC mission blog on 7/21/2016:

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