Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What a Week!?! 2/16/2016

So where do I start... This past week was crazy and full of adventure! So first off, on Wednesday, Elder Dale and I were excited when a lady we had met called and mentioned that she wanted to meet with us that morning. So after biking all the way to her apartment we see her standing out on the back balcony of her two story apartment. She saw us and told us to come over. So we put our bikes aside and went over to talk with her. Keep in mind we were standing below her on the grass while she begins to climb over the balcony and exclaim that she is going to jump down and how we are going to catch her!! We immediately told her not to jump because we knew she could get hurt. So while Elder Dale went and got help from the manager I was left to keep her from jumping while she was sitting on the edge. When Elder Dale arrived back we continued to wait for help to arrive and kept talking to her and trying to distract her from the idea of jumping. To fill you all in at this point --- that morning she had taken some drug that caused her to react like this. So we knew that our chances of her not jumping were slim. Well in about 30 minutes a police officer arrived and stood by us to see what the problem was. It was about that moment that the maintenance man had gone up into the apartment to try and bring her in... right as he opened the door she saw him and JUMPED!! Those next seconds seemed to go by in slow motion because each of us watched as she jumped and I soon realized that she had jumped right in my direction and was coming towards me!?! So I had to decide between two choices... step out of the way, or try to catch her and break her fall. So in that instance I guess I decided to catch her, and with my attempt I was able to break her fall. Then the police officer took over and got a hold of the situation. But I guess you could say that the highlight of my week was catching a falling lady from a two story apartment! I mean how many missionaries does that happen to hahah!?! 

Oh and fun fact, the TV show "Cops" was first filmed in the city of Lakewood, Washington. I guess I now know why they chose this place to film. Haha!

But on a more spiritual note Elder Dale and I have helped J. our investigator continue to progress and are hoping to have his baptism this week! It is amazing to see the light and the change that it can bring others’ lives. It is so cool because he has been sharing the gospel with his roommates and has been an example for them. 

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I will post some pictures I took throughout the week. 

With love, 
Elder Bullough

Pictures from golfing yesterday with our ward mission leader:

Elder Dale, Elder Bordelon, Brother Price, Me

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