Monday, February 8, 2016

The Gift of Tongues & Technology 2/8/2016

So this past week was great! Elder Dale and I saw many blessings come from working hard and staying diligent. We were able to visit with D., the lady who came to the baptism last week. We taught her about how God has a plan for all of us, known as the Plan of Salvation. She was able to understand and we all felt the spirit very strong as we talked and answered the questions she had. Throughout the week we were able to teach two of the families that we had been working with and teach in a way that allowed even the children to understand. And then we were able to see J. and his friends and taught each of them about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. We challenged each of them to read Alma 32 and it turns out that after we left they started reading it together!! J. then committed to be baptized on February 21st! Then, to top off the week, almost all of them and more were able to make it to church on Sunday! Both Elder Dale and I knew that it was important that they all come out to church so that they could feel the Spirit themselves, and make friends with the members. After fasting and praying we were filled with joy when we saw them walk in. 

So now to explain my subject line... "The Gift of Tongues and Technology." The title has both a funny and a very spiritual experience behind it. Weeks back when I was with Elder Lee we knocked on a door... and a Hispanic lady, E., opened. Soon I found out that she had just moved from Mexico and doesn't speak English at all. With all of the broken Spanish I knew and her phone I was able to set up a time that the Spanish missionaries could go back and see her. I remember turning to Elder Lee and saying to him that for some reason I just had a feeling that I knew she was going to get baptized. We both kind of laughed and moved on. Well come to find out, that week she went to church, then the next and so on. Before we knew it she had finished the discussions and was getting baptized! Both Elder Lee and I were privileged to go and see E. get baptized yesterday and reflected on the night we both knocked on her door. Even though I wasn't able to understand what was being said at the baptism I felt the spirit very strongly and knew that she felt it too. It was a testimony to me that the Spirit truly does bring the message to the hearts of the people and I am only the instrument in God's hands. 

Well I will post the picture of her baptism on the bottom. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Bullough

E.'s Baptism

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