Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Great Week! 2/22/2016

This week was great! Elder Dale and I were able to have a baptism for J. This baptism was quite the experience and full of miracles along the way. The first time Elder Dale and I met J. he was outside with his pit bull smoking a cigarette and did not look amused to see us. As we talked with him he told us we could come back the next day, but then we were interrupted because his dog ran after some kids across the road and he had to run after it. So the next day Elder Dale and I decided to go back and see him. Before knocking on the door we said a prayer and asked God to provide a way for us to meet with him. Well after knocking two times on the door we concluded that he wasn't home... just then I leaned over to Elder Dale and told him, jokingly, "God keeps his promises"... just then a blue BMW rounded the corner and pulled in the drive way! We were shocked at the timing! J. then got out of the car and told us that he was looking for change in his life. So we invited him to the church activity that the ward was having that evening. And sure enough, he came! J. was so determined to change his life around that he trusted us and kept every commitment we extended. He came to church that week, helped clean the church the day before, and also read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon every day. By doing this he was able to build his faith. He was also able to face and overcome all of the temptations that the adversary sent. I know that it was only through God that J. was able to overcome all of his trials and change so rapidly in his life. Just as it says in the book of Matthew, "Through God all things are possible." He truly was an example to us of the light that this gospel brings into our lives. J. has started teaching his roommates when they have questions and even asked us to give him cards to pass out. 

Another wonderful thing that happened this week is that this lady, M., who just moved from Alabama called us and asked us to come pray for her. So Elder Dale and I went over and offered her a prayer and asked if we could share a message with her. She said yes, so we began to teach her. This lesson was definitely directed by the Spirit and we were able to bring a smile to her face that seemed to have been lost for some time. Then she came to church and was able to meet some new friends in the ward who sat by her and answered her many questions. It was great to see the ward working so well with M. and truly reaching out to her. After the meeting she committed to be baptized this next Sunday! M. is truly one who is prepared and knows much gospel and the bible. She told us that before we came she had been praying that the Lord would bring her someone to help her through this hard time. And sure enough He answered her prayer! 

I want you all to know that this is a work of miracles and that each time we pray our prayers are answered. As it directs in the Bible we must ask, and then we will receive. However one thing that took me time to realize is that God doesn't always answer in the time or even the way that we want, but He does answer.

Well I hope that you all have a great week. I have had a great time so far and the weather here is getting much better. It is supposed to be sunny all week long! By the way for those who have not seen a sunny Washington day, it is absolutely beautiful and almost makes the rain worth it haha.

P.S. For any of those who are wondering, last week in the whole commotion of the lady that jumped off of the building, neither of us were hurt. 

With Love,

Elder Bullough

Baptism Pictures:

Elder Bullough, J., & Elder Dale

Elder Bullough, L., J., Elder Dale

Elder Bullough, L.T., and the Sister Missionaries (who worked with L.T.)

Pictures from the "Why I Believe Missionary Music Fireside"

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