Tuesday, January 26, 2016

God is All-Knowing 1/25/2016

This past week was great. Elder Dale and I were on bikes the entire week and we will be this week as well. Biking isn't the hard part, it is the biking in the rain that is the hard part! When it rains we get soaked! I am sure that no one wants to let two drenched young men into their homes... I know I sure wouldn't Haha! But besides that, it was a great week and it was so nice because each night this week we had a ward member come with us to appointments so they were able to drive us around. One cool thing that happened yesterday is Elder Dale and I ran into a young man who was visiting from Utah and we took him out knocking on doors with us. It was great to see his desire to serve a mission grow as we were with him. It was also very nice to hear all of the great things going on back home in Utah and to be able to relate with him because he lives so close to where I grew up. 

So I thought I would share an amazing miracle that happened this week. While Elder Glassford, (Spanish Elder) and I were on exchanges for a couple of hours, we were knocking at an apartment complex. When we knocked on a door, Elder Glassford asked this guy if he wanted to come closer to Christ by being baptized… The guy proceeded to say, "This is crazy! Just a week and a half ago I was living in California and was going to be baptized but I had to move out here." So then we told him that God has a plan for him and that we were holding a baptism on the 31st. After hearing this he immediately told us he would like to be baptized then. It was so cool to see that God had prepared someone for us that had already been meeting with the missionaries! 

Well I hope you all enjoy the week and I would like to let you all know that I know that God is a God of miracles and that if we stop to look, we will notice his hand in each of our lives. 

With love,

Elder Bullough

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