Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fastest Green! 7/31/2017

It was a good week, honestly it went so fast that I don't remember much of any of it haha! We had transfers on Tuesday which was crazy because we got 28 new missionaries! We had to drive 3 different vehicles and two of them were vans! It was a blast getting all the new missionaries and a lot of them seem like they will be great missionaries! After the trainers met the new missionaries (which was super crazy as all of the trainers ran in and just about tackled the new missionaries as they gave them a hug haha), we had a testimony meeting with all of the departing missionaries. There were about 25 who went home so it was a long testimony meeting haha! Then that night we had the departing dinner with all of the missionaries going home, it was way fun and the Leishmans made hamburgers and banana floats! The other big thing that happened is that we got Elder Lee so now we are in a foursome until he leaves to go back home on Wednesday. Can't believe that it's been that long.. It's fun being with Elder Lee again because we have just been remembering so many things from when we were in Lakewood almost 2 years ago.

On Thursday and Friday the other two were on exchanges so Elder Lee and I were together all day. We taught a ton of lessons that day, but definitely the highlight lesson was at night with L and her friend K. L is still a non member but will be baptized this Saturday, however her friend K was there and we ended up teaching her the restoration which went super well and L even bore testimony without us even asking-- it was so funny to us because she was already great at fellowshipping and she isn't even a member yet! One thing that really helped in the lesson was the Spirit. Elder Lee did so well at listening to K and the things that were bothering her for a long time. And finally when we had gotten to the bottom of the concern and felt that we understood where she was coming from, we were able to tie it into the gospel and how it would be able to bless her life. As well as K we are still praying and working on getting L baptized on the 5th and then hopefully her friend K will come with her to watch it! 

All in all it was a great week! Hope that you all have a great week! 

Elder Bullough

Elders Lee, Bullough, Sutton, & Lund at Sister White's home

Photos from

Elder Sutton & Elder Turley

Elders Briggs, Alvarez, and Bullough
Sister Leishman & Elder Lee

Banana Splits at the Leishmans

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