Monday, July 24, 2017

Going to the Fireside! 7/24/2017

This week went by so fast! Most of the week we either spent knocking or with President talking about transfers. On Saturday we made transfer calls after they were all put together. It was President Leishman's first time doing transfers so it took some time and thought into where everyone should go. We are getting like 28 new missionaries this transfer so we needed a lot of trainers this time-- and the next month is looking like we will have more than that coming in!! Transfers is happening tomorrow so we are going early to pick up the new missionaries and we are taking 4 different vehicles to get all of them! 

Update on the area-- L fell back a little with her smoking throughout the week.. which we were pretty devastated about but the good news is that she has definitely come back so much stronger from it. We had her pick her own date and she looked at the calendar and chose August 4th and then on Friday night it sounds like she made a break through with the smoking and decided that she is done and threw out the rest of her cigarettes and bought some gum to chew just to keep her mind off of the cravings. I have faith that she will do it this time and that she is ready! Keep her in your prayers! 

Highlight of the week~ 

The Bremerton stake had a "Why I Believe Fireside" this past Sunday and it was awesome. About six recent converts got up and gave their story on why they joined the church. Each one of them gave a great testimony, and a bonus was that M, one of the girls that I taught with Elder Lund in Gig Harbor, shared her testimony as well! It was so impressive to hear her side of the story and what she thought as we were teaching her the lessons. Here is a picture of us all at the fireside:

Malia, Elder Quinton, Me, Lund, and Mina
 A picture of Elder Bullough & his companions posted on
Elder ?, Elder Sutton, Elder Bullough, & Elder Lund

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