Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year Miracle! 1/2/2017

To start off, I can't believe that it is already 2017!? Wow this last year went by quick! I had a blast this last year and am super excited for the rest of this year, and even better the days are getting longer, brighter and hopefully warmer! 

The New Year Miracle:
Elder Lund and I were privileged to see the baptism of A! Last week, I explained briefly that we had met A and that she was going to be baptized on the 30th. We went back this past week to meet with her and she had read and was already making changes in her life and seemed to be so happy and excited with all of the great changes in her life. When we went over with Sister Grover from the ward we taught her about the Word of Wisdom. As part of the policy, she wasn't able to be baptized on the scheduled day because she had drank coffee within the last five days. But when she heard that this was the rule she gladly gave it up and threw out all of her coffee. Because of this we pushed her baptism date back to January 1st, which was such a sweet experience for her. Almost every day last week we went over and taught A, and brought a member to meet with her. A couple days before her baptism, A mentioned the pain that she was in because of the coffee withdrawals (ie: head and body aches). However when we went over Saturday to visit, A said something very profound, she mentioned that all of her pain had gone away, and then she said, "if I knew that coffee would do that to me I never would have started in the first place."-- So true, we don't often see the harmful affects until further down the road. Anyway, A was able to have a wonderful baptism on January 1st of this new year! And to put the cherry on top, A ran into an old friend that she had through her care-giving service and didn't even know that she was in the ward until she came to the baptism. They had a great time reuniting and talking all about how A had come to know that the church was true! 

Here is a picture for you all and have a great week!

Me, A, and Elder Lund
Happy New Year!!
-Elder Bullough

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