Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Great Week here in Gig Harbor! 1/9/2017

This week was great, A was confirmed in church. She was so excited to become a member of the church and was really looking forward to this. It was a great experience because I was privileged to be the one to confirm her. I can certainly say that the Lord is very happy for her to be in the church. She is already absorbing everything like a sponge and is loving every minute of it. A shocked both Elder Lund and I when she told us that she is planning to help her friend in Germany find out about the church. A told us that she has been talking with her about her own conversion, and chuckled a little when she told us that she had told her friend that she would make a great Mormon. --Already a missionary!! Anyway she is doing great and looks so happy and content now. 

I am looking forward to this next week, our mission is taking a trip to the temple!! I always look forward to these trips because it is such a great time to ponder questions and receive answers from God! I also enjoy the Spirit that I feel when I am there, it is really a place away from the world. Many of you who attend the temple know what I mean, so I would challenge you, if you have a temple recommend and are able-- go to the temple this week!

Well hope that you all have a great week! 
-Elder Bullough

Here is a picture of the beautiful view of the Puget Sound:

Elder Bullough & his companions had a fun time making this Christmas card:

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