Monday, March 21, 2016

One of My Favorite Weeks! 3/21/2016

This past week was one of my favorite weeks so far and was full of great things! First off, during the week a bunch of the missionaries went and helped load a big truck full of chopped wood so that they could move it to Idaho. Don't ask me why they wanted to move it to Idaho... because I am sure that there are trees there haha! But it was super fun because I got to drive around this lawn mower and haul the wood around. I definitely had the easy job. And the best part was that this week was sunny and didn't rain that much, so that was a plus! 

On Saturday, Elder Dale and I knocked into an older guy who had a pet macaw... so, of course, I asked if I could hold it and take a picture so I will post that for you all to see. It was kind of creepy because when I put it on my shoulder it started to laugh!? haha

Also M, a lady we have been working with, got baptized yesterday so that was great! M's story of how we found her was pretty neat. Elder Alhert and I were on splits and were knocking an apartment complex when we knocked into her. She opened the door and told us she didn't have time but never turns down an opportunity to hear the word, so we left her with our phone number and went on our way. Then the next day Elder Dale and I received a call from an unknown number and were surprised to hear that it was M because nobody ever actually calls when we leave our number. So Elder Dale and I went over that day and taught her the first lesson. M is one person who reads the Bible each day and knows it inside and out, but each time we taught her she was teachable and very open to the messages. In the first lesson, M listened and understood everything and told us that the story was familiar because she used to go to an LDS church in Alabama. So we continued to teach her and got her a couch for her apartment, because at the time she didn't have any furniture. It was great to see her change so much and see the light of Christ within her each time we met with her. She had been dealing with some depression from the move and each time we met with her she would get a big smile. It was great to see that she could make friends in the church and start to restore the happiness to her life. I will post a picture of it below.

Another thing that happened in our ward is we got a new bishopric-- which consists of the Bishop and his two counselors. It was sad to see the others be released from their callings after getting to know them so well; but, it was great because the new bishopric seems really great so I am excited to start working with them! 

And to finish off the week, the church put on an Easter performance called the "Lamb of God." It is a musical/orchestra that sings and maps out the life of Jesus Christ. It was really well done and the Spirit was very strong as the choir sang, which was great because there were many nonmembers there and J brought his sister to watch it as well. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the upcoming Easter Sunday! 

With love,
Elder Bullough

Elder Dale and I with the macaw! haha
Me, M at her baptism, & Elder Dale

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