Monday, March 7, 2016

First Week in the New Transfer 3/7/2016

This past week was great and we saw many blessings! Last Monday, as a zone, we were able to go bowling! It was super fun! Then we were able to have a miracle and able to have the car one more week because the Spanish area was diminished this transfer and a car was freed up! That was a blessing because both Elder Dale and I were fighting a cold this past week!

Last week Elder Dale and I were able to have some prayers answered and able to see some great things happen. First off, a young boy named A. was able to get baptized on Saturday. Elder Dale and I had been working on reactivating their family in the church and it was great to see them come back to church and have the baptism for their 8 year old. I will post some pictures below.

Second, this week we weren't able to see D. because she was too busy but she sent us a great text and told us that she was determined to come to church this Sunday. Elder Dale and I were so grateful to hear that because we knew if she came to church she would understand a lot more and know that this is the path that will bring her happiness. Well, she was able to put her mind to it and come to the 1 o'clock service and was able to meet a lot of really great friends! I have learned a very important life truth from this: when we put our minds to something, we can accomplish it! 

Well last bit of great news... Elder Dale and I are planning on a baptism for a young girl, E., this next Saturday so that should be great!

With Love, 
Elder Bullough

Elder Dale, A., and Elder Bullough at A.'s Baptism

Bowling on P-day
Elder Bordelon with me and Elder Dale before he was transferred out the the city of Manette

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