Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter! 3/28/2016

This past week was great because it was Easter weekend. Elder Dale and I got to go out for an Easter Dinner Saturday night with a family in our ward. We went to a Mexican restaurant. It was so good and the plates were huge! Then yesterday, we were able to help hide Easter eggs with our ward mission leader. I enjoyed that a lot because it reminded me of the traditional Easter egg hunt we would have in our family. But more than just the fun traditional Easter eggs and the bunny I would like to focus my email on the true meaning. 

Easter is a time of HOPE, and of remembrance for all that our Savior, Jesus Christ did for us. There are three parts that stick out to me about Easter. This is known as the atonement. The first part was Jesus Christ’s suffering that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus Christ suffered the pains, sickness and afflictions for each of us that has ever lived on this Earth. This suffering is what makes it possible for us to repent and enjoy the remission of our sins. It also gives us the strength to overcome any pains, sorrows, or afflictions that come from this life. Following Jesus Christ's suffering in the garden, he was held captive and led to Golgotha where he was later bruised and killed, known as the Crucifixion. Necessary to our Father's plan, Jesus Christ had to die a physical death to bring to pass the Resurrection. Three days after the death of Jesus Christ, he fulfilled the long foretold prophecies and rose from the grave. Because Jesus Christ lives again, we can too. He bridged the gap between physical death and spiritual, and because of Him we can have HOPE for a better life and to one day return to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's presence.

Well, hope you all enjoyed Easter and have a great week!

With love,

Here is a picture of a good sunny day with clear blue skies
on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University

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