Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Singing in TACOMA! 6/26/2017

This week was super fun!! On Friday, while we were on exchanges, Elders Quinton, Lund and I went to a big event that was open to the public called "Taste of Tacoma." Literally thousands of people come each year from the city and other varying cities to see the event. While we were there we talked to just about everyone. Within 30 minutes we must have talked to like 300 people inviting them to take a tour of our church or just simply to learn about Christ!— So much fun! 

Then later that day Elder Lund switched over to be with the others and Elder Quinton and I went to knock an apartment complex when we soon found out that 90% of the people there spoke Russian. So what did we choose to do that's right. we began to sing to them!! At almost every doorstep Elder Quinton and I would awkwardly start singing "I am a Child of God" from our hymn book hahaha!  Despite the awkwardness and my lousy voice it actually brought the Spirit! Almost instantly you could feel the mood change, hearts were softened and people were stunned that two young men were dressed in white shirts and ties and singing to them at their doorstep. Now because of the barrier between the two languages I couldn't understand much of what they said back to us, but we could tell that each person was feeling the Spirit and felt what we were feeling as we sang to them! It was a neat experience because many of them felt it so much that they began to tear up. To say the least, it was quite bold but extremely fun! For the record I am not much of a singer so it was pretty uncomfortable haha! 😂

Next big thing coming up is this week we have our new mission president coming in their names are the Leishman's. We are all pretty excited about it, yet sad that we will be losing President and Sister Blatter. They will be coming in on Friday so it will be a neat experience taking the mission president and his wife to the airport to go home. Usually it's the other way around haha! Other than that I really don't know what to expect, just that we will be a major help in catching the new mission president up to speed on the mission!  

Oh and lastly, we went out to IHOP today with our good friends from Gig Harbor. When Elder Lund and I served there a few months ago, we got to know the Callahans, who are members of the ward up there. They are way cool and made Gig Harbor a ton of fun! I can't think of a time that we went over and didn't just laugh the entire time!! So here is a picture of us and them at IHOP 🍮 — I think that's a pancake, but Idk...lol!

The Callahan Family with Elders Bullough, Lund, & Sutton
President & Sister Blatter with missionaries at a mini zone meeting: 
Pictures from the WATAC mission blog calledtoservewa-tac.blogspot.com)

Playing basketball at President Blatter's house:

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