Thursday, June 8, 2017

On to a Busy Week! 6/5/2017

All is well here in Tacoma!! Last week as leaders we had a chance to go up to Zion's Camp to learn about the ropes course and get some training before we go up this year for our annual Zion's Camp with the missionaries. It is all about team bonding and learning how to be better missionaries through a hands-on experience! We are doing six events that include a trust fall, a wall that we have to climb up working together, a rope swing between two wooden platforms. (Don't worry it's on the ground so no injuries will happen. lol) We will be going up next week as the whole mission so that should be a blast!

This week felt like it was one of the weeks that I have taught most on my mission. It seemed like almost every hour we were teaching lessons, especially on Saturday, Elder Sutton and I just went from lesson to lesson. We have been blessed to be teaching so many people lately. C is one of the people that we are teaching who is super elect! Over the past two weeks he has come to a ton of events for the YSA ward and is loving it and meeting a lot of new friends! C is from the Congo and is 20 years old so Elder Sutton and I have a ton of fun with him because he is our age and we can relate.

Lastly, just an update on next week and how busy it will be:
Tonight, talk about transfers & get everything ready for Zion's Camp
Tuesday and Wednesday we will be up at Zion's Camp
Thursday is the departing missionary temple trip
Saturday we are doing transfer calls😱
And Sunday we should have a baptism!!
Should be a blast!!

Love you all and have a great week!!

Memorial Day Picnic (pictures from


Mission Leadership Conference at Zion's Camp(pictures from

Pictures Elder Bullough emailed in his weekly letter:

Elder Sutton playing golf in their front yard

Elder Tafua Barbecuing

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