Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Week! 11/7/2016

This last week went pretty great. Elder Masey and I had a great Halloween. We were able to go to a party with our zone that night and play games and watch the movie the "Best Two Years!" If you have not yet seen that movie I would highly recommend it! It is a way funny!

Elder Masey and I had a lot of work that we did for the mission last week such as on Tuesday we opened up a new apartment for missionaries to move in, then on Thursday we went up to Bremerton to get an apartment ready for some senior missionaries moving in. While doing all of this we were pretty busy balancing the time for proselyting as well. 

This week was great for missionary work! Earlier in the week we ended up finding L late at night as we were out street contacting at night. What started out as a pretty closed-ended conversation that we were having ended up in us being able to talk about baptism and also the "baptism of fire" or in other words-- the Spirit. L mentioned that he wanted this change in his life and that he had been baptized by water before but feels as if something is still missing, so he told us to come back the next night so now we are teaching him! Then we went back to B and his family and it was sweet because we took a member, Brother Bostic, with us and the lesson went awesome! At the end of the lesson B said the prayer and we were able to see that he is sincerely seeking. We are looking forward to keep working with him and his family and hope to meet with them this week. Then at church, T came with her friend Sister Kelso. It was impressive that she came because she has been diagnosed with cancer for over a year now and lately it has been causing her pain. Midway through the meeting the pain became too much so she was taken to the hospital which just happens to be right across the street from the church. Later that evening, we went with Sister Pickering from the ward to visit her. T is now doing a lot better and feeling more stable, both Elder Masey and I are looking forward to teaching her again this next week!

Well, there is the update for the week and I hope that you all have a great week!
With love,
Elder Bullough

Elder Masey & Elder Bullough

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