Tuesday, November 15, 2016

13 Months!! 11/14/2016

This last week went pretty well. The missionary work was pretty good and we were able to teach a lot of great lessons. We met with T earlier in the week and it was so nice to be able to share the Plan of Salvation with her. We talked for at least an hour and laughed about the gospel and went back and forth just cracking jokes. It was so funny when we brought up the part about "what our purpose is here on Earth." She said something like, "You think you could have shown up and told me that fifty years ago..." The truth is so many of us wonder that at different points in our lives. It was reassuring to be able to tell her that we all have a purpose here and that God has a plan for all of us. No matter what we have gone through or what trials we face in life we are going to make it because there is a "plan" for us. Earlier that week I was able to read a scripture in Alma that sums up, pretty much, what this life is really all about:

Alma 12:24  "And we see that death comes upon mankind, yea, the death which has been spoken of by Amulek, which is the temporal death; nevertheless there was a space granted unto man in which he might repent; therefore this life became a probationary state; a time to prepare to meet God; a time to prepare for that endless state which has been spoken of by us, which is after the resurrection of the dead."

What this means is that no matter what trials we go through in life or what things are given to us we are here to prepare to meet God and to help others prepare for that day as well. Each of us has been given different trials in this life but we can take hope in the Savior's words: "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." (John 16:33) Elder Masey and I were able to bear testimony to T that she does have a purpose here and that even though she has been diagnosed with cancer, she can still have serenity in this life knowing that she has a purpose here.

On a different note, this last week we got our transfer calls and I am now going to be leaving Tacoma and going to the Gig Harbor Zone with Elder Lund. I am excited for this new change and I have been told that it is a very beautiful area. However, it is supposed to be a pretty rich area so I am sure that is one thing that I will have to get used to. Transfers is on Tuesday so I will have a lot of packing to do before then. Here are a couple pics that I took over the week!

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Bullough

Elder Bullough & Elder Masey

Pictures from calledtoservewa-tac.blogspot.com (11/13/2016 post)

Tacoma North Zone Meeting

Tacoma North Zone Meeting

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