Monday, May 16, 2016

Lemon Leaves 5/16/2016

This past week was good. First off, we are teaching this lady T who is very prepared for the restored gospel. She is currently a single mother and is constantly running back and forth trying to do all of the daily chores of life. She has realized that she can't do it by herself and needs God's hand in her life. Not only is she doing the mother part on her own, but she is also trying to finish school and is working on top of it all. Yesterday, when we went to teach her, T told us of all that she was trying to get done and that she had been running around all day long. Immediately, I remembered a video clip that the church put out called "You Never Know." After we watched the clip, T mentioned how much it related to her life. Elder Strong and I helped her understand that in life sometimes the best thing to do is to step back and look at all we have accomplished and not to let the little things get us carried away. I think that this is a principle that all of us can apply in our lives when we are feeling overwhelmed.  

A cheesy story from knocking doors and how God works through us.
While knocking Elder Strong and I talked to this lady who was weeding her garden and asked if we could help her. She allowed us to help her and in return she gave me some herbal leaves that smelled like lemons. —They smelled super good by the way! Anyway, we continued on and I had a handful of leaves that smelled like lemons and thought to myself… "What do I do with these?" Well, of course, I turned to Elder Strong and told him that I was going to do a demonstration at one of the doors and somehow relate the gospel to these leaves! A few doors down, a lady named A answered and asked if we were collecting flowers on the way. I was so glad that she asked and immediately I went into my analogy. Not really believing that it would work I asked her if she would ever believe that these leaves smelled like lemons. Out of curiosity, she smelled them and was able to see that they really did smell like lemons! Then I shared with her that it takes faith to partake of something that you are unfamiliar with. It takes faith to believe someone when they tell you something. Just like it took faith for her to know that the leaves smelled like lemons. It takes faith for some to believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We invited her to read it and to our surprise she said yes! She told us that her mother-in-law had recently converted and that her life was completely changed around. She told us that because of this she has become more open and is willing to look for herself. We look forward to meeting with A again and helping her see these same changes take place in her life.

Last update, just got back from golfing for my third time and I am getting better! And this time was a blast because the member of our church who took us rented a golf cart! That was probably the most fun part!! I will post the pictures below. Love and hope you all have a great week! 

—Elder Bullough

If you want to watch the video "You Never Know," click here:

Golfing today for P-day:

Me driving the golf cart!
This sweet chair that we found!

All of us Golfing! Brother and Sister Price are on the right

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