Monday, June 27, 2016

Update on the Week 6/27/2016

This past week has been great! It went by very fast. Unfortunately J was not able to get baptized because he was exhausted and couldn't walk. He suffers from some prior accidents and both of his legs are in casts to help him walk. So getting to church was not an option for this week, but we set up his iPad so that he could listen to the scriptures on it and watch some church videos. Elder Goldstrohm and I are planning on him getting baptized this next Saturday before his family goes home. So keep him in your prayers!

The other great thing that happened this week is we ran into a family at the beginning of the week. The dad L and his daughter S, who is now grown up, invited us back last Tuesday to share our message. Well, we went by at 10:00 am and expected them to have forgotten like most people do who schedule a morning lesson; however, they were there and ready for us. Then we went by again on Saturday and they were there waiting for us. They even kept the commitment and came out to church. They really enjoyed the service, and are planning on coming next week. The cool thing about L is he had gone to our church before and knew Brother Wheelock from one of the other wards. This is actually what motivated them to come to our church. Just goes to show how much influence the members have on missionary work!

Well, love you guys and have a great week!

Elder Bullough

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