Monday, April 11, 2016

Faith is Needed! 4/11/2016

Last week was full of many let downs and unfortunate events. I will briefly tell you about some of them. First off, J, a lady we have been teaching was supposed to get baptized this past Sunday. She was living with a member in the ward. Well, on Thursday, Elder Dale and I received a call that she had left in the middle of the night and that no one knew where she took off to. Without the contact we weren't able to find out where she ended up, all we could do was pray for her and hope that she is okay. It is unfortunate that she wasn't able to receive the blessings from baptism, but I know that in the lessons we taught her she did learn that she has a purpose and that God will always be there for her when she is ready to turn her life around. Then, later that day, Elder Dale and I went to our other investigator and found out that he was actually a member and was baptized at a young age. So that took baptism out of the question, but we are still working at getting him and his fiancĂ© active in the church. I guess it was just a week that I needed to be tested on my patience. There is a good saying-- "Don't ask God for patience." That is very true! 

After it seemed that nothing was working in our direction, Elder Dale and I decided to go forward with faith and talk to everyone. Through doing this, we were able to find two new people to fill the holes. J is a guy who happened to be standing out his apartment door. (Had he not been standing outside I think we would have missed him because his door was hidden). We were able to teach him and put him on date to be baptized right there. It was definitely right place, right time! Then later that day we found a guy, N, who was in need of the gospel at that time. He has been lacking happiness in his life and wants change. We explained that this happiness can be restored to his life through the gospel and the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Immediately, he began to have hope restored to his face. I know without a doubt that there are people who are ready to hear the good news that Jesus Christ did face all of the challenges in life and overcame each one of our pains, and afflictions. I know that I needed faith to find these people, and with that faith, God made it possible. "It is by faith that miracles are wrought."

Well, I hope that you all have a great week! It is crazy to think, but here in a couple days, I will have been out six months! 6 months down and loving it!

With Love,

Elder Bullough

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